Cold Sliced Pork Belly in Spicy Garlic Sauce w. Cucumber Spicy Kidney Sauteed Corn Seeds w. Spicy Green Pepper Mung Bean Noodle w. Spicy ﹠ Peppery Sauce Smoked Tea Duck Pork Soup Dumpling Steamed Crispy Shrimp Dumpling Sesame Stick Rice Balls with Soup Sauteed Pea Shoots Sliced Conch w. Hot Red Oil Hot & Spicy Crispy Pig's Intestines Chicken w. Spicy Sauce OX Tongue & Tripe w. Spicy Peppery Sauce Peking Duck Sichuan Dan Dan Noodle Shrimp Fried Rice Shredded Camphor Tea Smoked Duck  w. Spring Ginger Shanghai Cabbage  w. Black Mushroom Sesame Chicken Steamed Rice Powder w. Beef Sliced Fish w. Boling Oil Soup Sauteed Loofah Sauteed Diced Fish w. Sichuan Chili Sauce Pumpkins w. House Special Brown Sauce Pork w. Spinach in House Brown Sauce Mapo Tofu Chendu Spicy Dumpling Beef Tendon w. Spicy Peppery Sauce Crystal Eight Ingredient Rice Double Tasted Sword Clam Cucumber w. Fresh Garlic Griddled Cooked Sliced Chicken Grand Marnier Prawns Whole Fish Turnip with Fish Soup Steamed Whole Fish  w. Minced Spicy Pepper Fried Pork Dumpling Cured Pork with Garlic Shoots Crispy Whole Fish Chong Qing Spicy Diced Chicken Chicken with String Bean Braised Whole Fish w. Hot Bean Sauce Braised Chicken w. Baby Taro Boneless Whole Fish w. Pine Nuts Authentic Sichuan Fish Fillet (White) Authentic Sichuan Fish Fillet (Red)
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